calligraphy cut

21 degrees that will change your life

Your skill

Build your personal expertise and expand your qualification!

Your creativity

Get new inspirations, looks and techniques to expand your creative spectrum!

Your customers

Win new customer groups with a real innovation in your salon!

Your business

Surcharges for the calligraphy cut are firmly established in Europe!

The 21° angle

The only thing a conventional razor and the calligraphy pen have in common is a blade. The calligraphy pen is designed to always cut the hair at the perfect angle of 21 degrees. Through the resulting increase in the cross-section of the hair ends, the hair gets more fullness, lightness and volume. But most importantly: the hair tip splits much less!

Your talent. Your success.

Become a real customer magnet thanks to the 21 degree technique from calligraphy cut. Together, we will add an instrument to your skills so that you can create an exclusive experience for your customers and retain their loyalty in the long term.


Calligraphy cut is more than just a new hair cutting technique!

Calligraphy cut opens new doors for you as a stylist. You'll feel the difference right from your first cut and discover that you can style the hair through the cut alone and with quick, simple movements. You determine the direction in which the hair falls, and your customers can look forward to more volume, more shine and a hairstyle that always sits.

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