Questions & Answers

 Q: Why the pen?
A: calligraphy cut is a new, innovative way to cut hair using a Calligraphy Pen. The pen gives you more precision and volume by cutting each individual hair at a 21 degree angle; similar to the concept of cutting flower stems at an angle. 

By using the Calligraphy Pen, the surface area of each hair is increased by three times compared to that of a razor or shears. Its innovative and patented design allows you to cut hair on a precise angle to increase the volume and lifespan of each hair strand.  

This is a totally new experience for your clients. Hair is lighter with more bounce, fuller, healthier and shinier than before. calligraphy cut adds volume while still collapsing bulk at the same time. Perfect for clients who want fuller but lighter hair. 

Q: What is the difference between a straight razor and the Calligraphy Pen? 
A: Simply put, a razor tends to shred the hair strand while the Calligraphy Pen leaves hair in its most healthy state. The two patented angles in the Calligraphy Pen cut the hair at the perfect angle, giving 270 % more surface area to the end of every strand. It leaves the hair healthier, shinier, bouncier and with much more volume! 






calligraphy cut

calligraphy cut


Q: Can shears or a razor be used for the same techniques? Why would I NEED a Calligraphy Pen?
A: You could try to replicate the angle with your shears or razor, but the simple answer is no. You will not get the same outcome with shears or razor. Even the most talented technicians in the world are unable to replicate the angles of the Calligraphy Pen every single time they cut with a razor/shears. That is the true magic of the Calligraphy Pen, it gives the perfect angled cut every single time. 

Q: Will it last as long as a normal haircut? Is there any special maintenance? 
A: Yes! In fact, you might find that your Calligraphy Cut is so healthy, you can get a little extra time out of every haircut! No extra maintenance required!

Q: How can I purchase the pen?
A: The pen is included in the price of a one day Black Star Fundamental Certification to ensure that it is in the hands of fully-trained, certified artists and that every client receives top of the line service with every Calligraphy Cut.

Q: How does the certification process work?
A: The certification process begins with a one day Black Star Fundamental class where you will learn how to properly handle the pen and learn the special technique behind every Calligraphy Cut. 

Once you complete 100 Calligraphy Cuts, we offer a one day Silver Star Advanced class where you learn advanced cutting techniques expanding the services you offer. 

After completing 100 Calligraphy Cuts as a Silver Star certified stylist you can complete your certification with a two day Gold Star Avantgarde Certification. By completing this most advanced training you are invited to be a Salon Ambassador for Calligraphy Cut. This level of certification makes you eligible for training opportunities within the Calligraphy Cut education team. 

Q: Where can I take a Calligraphy Cut Class?
A: We provide certification classes in most major cities across the U.S. You can sign up as an individual for these cluster classes or we do offer private certification classes in your salon if there is significant interest from your team in becoming certified. 

Q: Can any stylist become certified?
A: Any stylist with the willingness and open-mindedness to learn! 

Q: Can any client receive a Calligraphy Cut or is it only for certain hair styles/lengths?
A: Yes! The technique can be adapted to best suit every client. You can add volume, collapse bulk, sculpt in movement… the sky’s the limit!